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Alexander H. Engelhardt

Land: Deutschland, Sprache: Deutsch
Ich biete: German Special Situations Advisory, Board Advisory, C-Level Consulting, Board of Trustees & Investment Advisory Committee Services, Soundingboard, Research & Monitoring, Original Research, Governance Watch, Investment Manager Analysis & Due Diligence, Compliance & Anti-Fraud, Representation, Corporate Representation, Stewardship, Advocacy, Government Relations, Regulatory Affairs, Corporate Special Situations, Special Investments, Alternative Assets, Hedge Funds, Private Equity, Value-Based, Event-Driven, Price-Value-Disparities, Corporate Events, Takeovers & Corporate Control, Public & Private Mergers & Acquisitions, Spin-offs, Carve-outs, Domination Agreements, Squeeze-outs, Refinancings, Restructurings, Crises, Turnarounds, Bankruptcy, Insolvency, Activist Investing, Corporate Governance, Management Best Practices, Diligent Investing, Responsible Investing, Business Transfer, Company Succession, M&A Litigation, Litigation-PR
Alexander H. Engelhardt

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Alexander H. Engelhardt
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Alexander H. Engelhardt - Alexander Engelhardt. 45, verh., 2 Kinder, Rechtsanwalt.
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Alexander H. Engelhardt
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Alexander H. Engelhardt
Sept 13  +
Alexander H. Engelhardt - Alexander H. Engelhardt Kopf: kress.
Sept 13  +
Alexander H. Engelhardt
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Alexander H. Engelhardt
Apr 13  +
Alexander H. Engelhardt
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Alexander H. Engelhardt
Apr 13  +

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Diligent Investing & The Fable of Pushy, Punchy, and Professor Void

Diligent Investing by Alexander H. Engelhardt / About the Book: The biggest obstacles to success faced by the modern trader-investor are his hunter-gatherer vision, presets, and logic. The book offers practical ways to replace visual delusion, biased behavior, and bad thinking caused by our primeval inheritance with independent original research, objective analysis, unbiased rational thought, and emotional detachment – the most important tools available to investors for picking out quality information, for flawless information processing, and for uncompromising execution. For the first time, all relevant delusions, pre-dispositions, and fallacies in the context of trading and investing are explained in a single book. Numerous real-world examples show the reader what can go wrong and why and how to do better. To this end, the book introduces the figure of Professor Void, an allegory to the application of reason to investing in the inevitable presence of complexity, uncertainty, and human irrationality. Professor Void is a helpful learning and mind memory aid. Bouncing our investment ideas off him pays. The book combines a wealth of information and insight on investing and on investment psychology that any reader who directly or indirectly trades or invests can capitalize on. / Flip eBook on / About the Author: Alexander H. Engelhardt is a seasoned investment strategy professional and international transactional lawyer.
Alexander H. Engelhardt
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Berater TCI: Dr. Friedrich Merz, Mayer Brown Rowe & Maw; Dr. Wolfgang Richter, Clifford Chance - Berater Atticus Capital: Alexander ENGELHARDT, DECHERT - Berater Deutsche Börse: Dr. Peter Weyland, Hengeler Mueller
Alexander H. Engelhardt
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Willkommen zur 17. ordentlichen Hauptversammlung des Cercle Investor ...

1991 als Initiative von börsenotierten Unternehmen (Creditanstalt, ... Michael Castello Vogt (Riskmetrics Group) Andreas Posavac (Capital Bridge) ...
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Ungültige URL: Raiffeisen CENTROBANK: Detailansicht

Aktienhaus der Raiffeisen Gruppe in Wien, Spezialist für Zertifikate und Optionsscheine, Aktienanalysen, IPOs, Equity Capital Markets, Private Banking, ...
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Übersicht der Börsennachrichten - Stockworld

20. Sept. 2007 ... Manager, +33(0)140-68-0666, or Marie Bal, Communication Manager, +33(0)140-68-0666, all of European Capital Services ...
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Macquarie Capital Funds (Europe) Limited. A Member of the Macquarie Group of Companies. Acting in its capacity as Manager of ...
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