Dialog im Yasni Exposé von Heiner Benking

(1529 seit 29.10.2008)



Heiner Benking, 68, Journalist, Berlin

Homepage: benking.de
Geburtsname: Benking, Spitzname: Ben, Land: Deutschland, Sprache: Deutsch
Ich biete: Dialog, Gesprächskultur, Karten, Modelle, Frieden, Jugend, Bildung, Systeme, Governance, open-forum, open-space, magic roundtables
Heiner Benking @ Berlin

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Heiner Benking @ Berlin
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Heiner Benking @ Berlin
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50 Informationen zu Heiner Benking

Benking's 9D DEEPWORLDS.org

Culture Education Dialog Global Change Systems&Models or in ... The In-Betweener: bridging levels and sectors of truth, fidelity, and reality. Heiner Benking ...
deepworlds.org 12.08.09  +  

06 Kreative Medien im Dialog

Heiner Benking's Inviting and Sharing ~ Voices and Views: Models based on and revealing the architecture of natural thought processes which enable thorough ...
mythen-der-buchkultur.de 12.08.09  +  

OPEN - FORUM: Gesprächs- und Entscheidungskultur

according to Google this List and voices/outcomes. Round-Table Dialogues – Storytelling Magic Round-Tables procedure –nexus FES: BLOG: Dialogues about Dialog Decision- ...
open-forum.de 12.08.09  +  

OPEN-FORUM.de dialog and decision culture…

Contact: heiner [ ] benking.de mail [ ] farah-lenser.de. References to the author and web-master Heiner Benking and co-founder Farah Lenser can ge found at his ...
open-forum.de 12.08.09  +  

YL at Magic Round Table (1) Dialogue @ UNESCO's DESD World Conference 2009 in Bonn, Germany

(part 1 of 2) INTRODUCTORY OFFERS. --- This INFORMAL 10 minute video shows the Introductory Round pre-ceding the Magic Round Table Dialogue. Magic Round Table is a dialogue format... - YouTube
blinkx.com 12.08.09  +  

YL at Magic Round Table (2) Dialogue @ UNESCO's DESD World Conference 2009 in Bonn, Germany

so you get an impression of how intense the ATTENTION is!! and how dynamically the topics and dialogue floats... blabla and breaks are minimised. An interesting experience is that... - YouTube
blinkx.com 12.08.09  +  

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Heiner Benking @ Berlin

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