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Jörn Franke

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Process Engineering - Score

Processes have received a lot of attention in the last decade and succeeded in ... Participants: François Charoy, Joern Franke ...
score.loria.fr 03.06.10  +  

Contracts and Grants with Industry - Score

CIFRE Grant with SAP Research (2009-2011) Participants: François Charoy, Joern Franke ... been formalized in 2008 by the funding of Joern Franke under a CIFRE contract ...
score.loria.fr 03.06.10  +  

Studieren in Australien - Allgemeines

Sabine Jacobs: Macquarie University: Postgraduate: Master: 2005: Daniel Hampf: The University of Queensland: Undergraduate: Study Abroad: 2005: Marjan Alemzadeh
nzvillage.com 03.06.10  +  

Ungültige URL: Studieren in Australien (3: Erfahrungsberichte) - Studium - Studis ...

Bernhard Doll: Macquarie University: Postgraduate: Study Abroad: 2004: Florian Saur: The University of Sydney: Undergraduate: Study Abroad: 2004: Michael Wurst
studis-online.de 03.06.10  +  

SAP Network Blog: Joern FRANKE

SDN Weblogger Joern FRANKE: Jörn Franke joined SAP Research Labs France as a Research ... SAP Blogs. Archive. Joern FRANKE. Business Card. Company: SAP Research ...
weblogs.sdn.sap.com 03.06.10  +  

A Model for Temporal Coordination of Disaster Response Activites

A Model for Temporal Coordination of Disaster Response Activities Jörn Franke and François Charoy and Cédric Ulmer F ... Jörn Franke 4 months ago ...
slideshare.net 03.06.10  +  

Ungültige URL: Erfahrungsbericht Australien: Queensland University of Technology ...

Studieren in Australien - Service - Erfahrungsberichte - Jörn Franke ... ====Übersicht==== Dieser Erfahrungsbericht ist über meinen Auslandsaufenthalt an der ...
ranke-heinemann.de 11.04.10  +  

SAP Network Blog: General concept, requirements and challenges on ...

This blog is to introduce the general concept of mobile transaction, including why we need mobile ... 2010-01-13 00:42:21 Joern FRANKE Business Card [Reply] Hi, ...
weblogs.sdn.sap.com 11.04.10  +  

SAP Network Blog: Inter-organizational Disaster Process Management

Over the last years we have seen a rise in disasters, let it be natural disasters or man-made disasters, such as hurricane ... Joern FRANKE is a research ...
weblogs.sdn.sap.com 11.04.10  +  

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