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Karl Friedhelm von Staa, Kapitän

Land: Deutschland, Sprache: Deutsch
Ich biete: Profile: I spent 28 years at sea in -Deep Sea Fishery- on wide variety of vessels like ICE-FISH Trawler / FREEZER FACTORY Trawler / RSW Tank Trawler and Purse Seiner as a Deck Officer and Master. Operating in polar drift-ice areas. Extensive seagoing experience in South and North Atlantic and Arctic Ocean. Master with over 8 years of experience on DP - equipped Research Vessels under German flag. Worldwide missions and tasks in oceanographic exploration, seismic surveys, ROV and AUV diving operations, Rock drilling etc. Education: Maritime College Cuxhaven / Navigation School Lowestoft College / Center for Maritime & Offshore Technology
Karl Friedhelm von Staa

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Karl Friedhelm von Staa
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Summary Cruise Report RV MARIA S. MERIAN Cruise MSM15/4

Summary Cruise Report RV MARIA S. MERIAN Cruise MSM15/4 Malta - Malta 07. July - 17. July 2010 Chief Scientist: Dagmar Hainbucher Captain: Karl Friedhelm von Staa
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Prof. Dr. Jan H. Behrmann Leibniz-Institut für Meereswissenschaften ...

Maria S. Merian; Cruise No. MSM 17/1 Mindelo – Walvis Bay 24th November – 29th December 2010 Chief Scientist: Jan H. Behrmann Captain: Friedhelm von Staa
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Karl Friedhelm von Staa

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