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Peter Schwendner

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Frankfurt School of Finance & Management - Suchergebnisse

joint with Annette Andreas, Bernd Engelmann and Peter Schwendner, Foreign Exchange Risk, Risk... gefunden in Departments & Forschung / Finance Department ...
frankfurt-school.de 08.10.11  +  

Transparentes Monte-Carlo-Verfahren zur Risikosteuerung im ...

Dr. Peter Schwendner ist bei Sal. Oppenheim jr. & Cie. ... Peter Schwendner / Stephan Martin / Simon Papies Ein in der Praxis verwendbares ...
genios-fachpresse.de 08.10.11  +  

2 - Visual Library .NET - Die Suchmaschine für wissenschaftliche

Bernd Engelmann; Matthias R. Fengler; Peter Schwendner. In: Journal of risk, Vol. 12, No. 1 (2009/10), p. 53-77. suchen in, Das Dokuments bei Subito ...
visuallibrary.net 08.10.11  +  

Scientific Commons: Static versus dynamic hedges: an empirical ...

Bernd Engelmann,; Matthias Fengler,; Morten Nalholm,; Peter Schwendner. Abstract. Barrier options, Static hedging, Dynamic hedging, Local volatility model, ...
de.scientificcommons.org 08.10.11  +  

Scientific Commons: Morten Nalholm

Bernd Engelmann, Matthias Fengler, Morten Nalholm, Peter Schwendner. Barrier options, Static hedging, Dynamic hedging, Local volatility model, ...
de.scientificcommons.org 27.03.10  +  

ScienceDirect - Chemical Physics, Volume 217, Issues 2-3, Pages 117-413 ...

The online version of Chemical Physics on ScienceDirect, the world's leading platform for high quality peer ... Peter Schwendner, Frank Seyl, Reinhard Schinke ...
sciencedirect.com 27.03.10  +  

Journal of Computational Finance - The pricing of multi-asset options ...

Institute for Mathematics, University of Augsburg, Augsburg. Peter Schwendner. Max-Planck-Institut für Stromungsforschung, Göttingen ...
journalofcomputationalfinance.com 27.03.10  +  

Calibrating volatility surfaces via relative-entropy minimization

Downloadable (with restrictions)! A framework for calibrating a pricing model to ... Bernd Engelmann & Matthias Fengler & Morten Nalholm & Peter Schwendner, 2006. ...
ideas.repec.org 27.03.10  +  

Dynamic or Static Hedges of Barrier Options? An Empirical Comparison

Applied Mathematics and Statistics Section. University of ... Peter Schwendner. Dynamic or Static Hedges of Barrier Options?An Empirical Comparison – p. 2/20 ...
math.ku.dk 27.03.10  +  

Static Hedges for Reverse Barrier Options with Robustness Against Skew ...

of current data on the DAX, we evaluate the performance of the hedge and compare ... Giese and Peter Schwendner as well as fruitful comments of two anonymous referees. ...
vwa.unisg.ch 27.03.10  +  

Matthias R. Fengler; Peter Schwendner - Abstract

Matthias R. Fengler; Peter Schwendner. Titel: ... Multi-Asset Options, Correlation Derivatives, Correlation Risk, Bid-Ask Spreads, ...
edoc.hu-berlin.de 27.03.10  +  

Hedging under alternative stickiness assumptions: an ...

28.10.2009 7:32 - on ProQuest: Finance Investments securities Bernd Engelmann, Matthias R Fengler, Peter Schwendner. The Journal of Risk. Lond ...
proquest.umi.com 27.03.10  +  

Frankfurt MathFinance Workshop

Peter Schwendner. Quantitative Aspects of Equity Derivatives Trading ... Peter Schwendner holds a Ph.D. in theoretical physics from the University. of Goettingen. ...
mathfinance.com 19.07.08  +  

PII: S0301-0104(97)00045-1

Peter Schwendner, Frank Seyl, Reinhard Schinke. Max Planck lnstitut fiir Striimungsforschung, Bunsenstr. 10, D- 37 ...
linkinghub.elsevier.com 19.07.08  +  

IDEAS: Review of Derivatives Research, Springer

This file is part of IDEAS, which uses RePEc data ... For technical questions regarding this series, please ... by Dajiang Guo [Downloadable! ( restricted) ...
ideas.repec.org 19.07.08  +  

Phys. Rev. A 58, 2203 (1998): Schwendner et al. - Ladder cl...

Ladder climbing and multiphoton dissociation of polyatomic molecules excited with short pulses:Basic theory and applicat ...
link.aps.org 19.07.08  +  

Incisive Media Events

Estimating the volatility of the underlying for CPPI ... Peter Schwendner. THREADNEEDLE INVESTMENT MANAGERS. Malcolm Kemp andMichael Temchin ...
incisive-events.com 19.07.08  +  

EconPapers: Review of Derivatives Research

Is something missing from the series or not right? ... Bernd Engelmann, Matthias Fengler, Morten Nalholm and Peter Schwendner. Volume 9, issue 2, 2006 ...
econpapers.repec.org 19.07.08  +  


金融工学カンファレンス(2006年完了分) 大阪大学ワークショップ「金融工学・数理・計量ファイナンスの諸問題」 日時:2006年12月7日(木)〜8日(金) ... for electricity spot price modeling and derivatives pricing, Thilo Meyer-Brandis ...
kinyuu.co.jp 19.07.08  +  

Frankfurt School of Finance & Management - Suchergebnisse

Leiter Hans-Willi Jackmuth (addResults) Peter Zawilla (FMS Fraud Management and Services GmbH) Es... gefunden in Bildungsangebot / Seminare 2011 ...
frankfurt-school.de 19.07.08  +  

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