Openlaszlo im Yasni Exposé von Sebastian Wagner

(720 seit 29.10.2007)



Sebastian Wagner @, Pforzheim

Land: Deutschland, Sprache: Deutsch
Ich biete: OpenMeetings, OpenLaszlo, Red5, Pforzheim

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Ungültige URL: Sebastian Wagner releases openmeetings

2007-06-08 Long-standing openlaszlo community member Sebastian Wagner released a new open source project today named openmeetings. It's a video conferencing and group collaboration application, built using openlaszlo's new streaming media support ...
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Ungültige URL: OpenMeetings, An OpenLaszlo Based Video-Conferencing Solution

3. Juni 2007 Sebastian Wagner released OpenMeetings, a new open source, multi-jargon, customizable -conferencing and co ...
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Ungültige URL: Sebastian Wagner’s blog online

2006-06-08 by rajubitter  Sebastian Wagner (yes, the German OpenLaszlo Forum guy) has his new blog up and running with an interestig post on Red5 and OpenLaszlo video streaming. Good thing to see you blogging, Sebastian. And we hope to meet you in Berlin, soon. ...
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Re^4: Openmeetings - OpenSource Video-Konferenzen, ...

Fri, Jul 27 2007 6:35 AM by Sebastian Wagner on XING - Open Source (RSS 2.0) Flash wird mit e ...
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Sebastian Wagner

Sebastian Wagner, freiberuflich, Projektbezogene Mitarbeit, Freelancer, Rich-Client-Application, Programmierung, Softwareentwicklung, OpenLaszlo, Streaming, ...
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Sebastian Wagner @, Pforzheim

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