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Homepage: gems-europe.com
Spitzname: Global Marketeer, Land: Schweiz, Telefon: +41794231390, Handy: +41447838777, E-Mail: phil.allen (at) gems-europe.com, Sprache: Englisch
Ich biete: Since 1997 Phil runs global business improvement and management development practice, GEMS International GmbH and MarketAbility – providing business transformation, change management and management development programmes, including the unique Pentadigm®, Value2 and Mastering Business Leadership programmes, specially designed and tailored to clients’ specific needs. Phil is also a certified PCM (Process Communication Model®) Trainer. Phil delivers sustainable profitable growth, facilitating Customer Value Management, marketing and sales strategy development and implementation working together with the client’s team and following the unique Pentadigm® model. Phil creates value for clients by helping them to apply marketing and sales excellence, key account management and customer value management to their businesses, including full differentiation, branding, positioning and implementation services. Phil serves many blue-chip clients in all parts of the world and in many B2B markets.
Phil Allen @ GEMS International GmbH, Waedenswil, Zuerich

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Phil Allen @ Waedenswil, Zuerich

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