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Ich biete: performance management evaluation facilitation audit international organizations public private sector geneva switzerland theWolfgroup.org theWorstcase.com UN Red Cross NGO crisis risk reputation simulation training
Raj Rana @ the WolfGroup Performance Consulting, Geneva

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Raj Rana @ Geneva
Feb 10  +
Raj Rana @ Geneva
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Flickr: raj.rana's Photostream

Flickr is almost certainly the best online photo management and sharing application in the world. Sh...
Raj Rana @ Geneva
flickr.com 12.04.11  +  


Brief landing page for Raj RANA, consultant Geneva Switzerland theWolfGroup Performance Consultants ...
Raj Rana @ Geneva
about.me 12.04.11  +  

the Swiss Facilitators Network

We are a professional networking group for facilitation professionals who are based in Switzerland. ...
Raj Rana @ Geneva
linkedin.com 12.04.11  +  

Personal Landing Page

Raj Rana Consultant Geneva Switzerland theWolfgroup Performance Consultants Facilitation Evaluation...
Raj Rana @ Geneva
rajrana.org 12.04.11  +  

Ungültige URL: Multinational forces and international humanitarian law

International Review of the Red CrossRaj Rana Includes PDF. 31-3-2004. Applicability of the international law of military occupation to the activities of ...
helpcicr.org 09.03.10  +  

Ungültige URL: Sphere, Humanitarian Charter and Minimum Standards in ...

You need to login first and then choose 'Submit a new Document' by clicking on the icon ... Presentation developed for the Sphere …
sphereproject.org 09.03.10  +  

International Review of the Red Cross, 2004 - No. 855

International Review of the Red CrossRaj Rana Includes PDF. 30-9-2004. Speaking out or remaining silent in humanitarian work ...
themissing.cicr.org 09.03.10  +  

El futuro de la acción humanitaria independiente

(Recursos informativosRevista Internacional2004 - Nº 855). Revista Internacional de la Cruz RojaRaj Rana. 30-9-2004 ...
themissing.icrc.org 09.03.10  +  

Multinational forces and international…

Only press releases older than one year exist for this section. ... International Review of the Red Cross Raj Rana Includes PDF
ikrk.org 09.03.10  +  

ReliefWeb » Document » La participación…

Raj Rana, 'Contemporary Challenges in the Civil–Military Relationship: Complementarity or Incompatibility?', International Review of the Red Cross, no. 855, September 2004, pp ...
reliefweb.int 09.03.10  +  

Ungültige URL: Events

Speakers included: Thania Paffenholz, Researcher (CCDP); David C. Atwood, Director and Representative, Disarmament and Peace, Quaker United Nations Geneva Office; and Raj Rana ...
iheid.ch 09.03.10  +  

Revista Internacional de la Cruz Roja, 2004 – N.° 855

Revista Internacional de la Cruz RojaRaj Rana. 30-9-2004. Acción humanitaria: ¿hablar o callar? La actitud del CICR en lo que respecta a las declaraciones ...
ikrk.org 09.03.10  +  

Ungültige URL: The Graduate Institute, Geneva - Calendar…

Raj Rana, Independant Consultant. This Summer Lecture is co-sponsored by the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies and Duke University’s Terry Sanford ...
graduateinstitute.ch 14.02.10  +  

Ungültige URL: Sphere, Humanitarian Charter and Minimum Standards in ...

Sphere Humanitarian Charter and Minimum Standards in Disaster Response ... developed for the Sphere Project by Raj Rana. Nom de fi …
sphereproject.org 02.02.10  +  

NATO-GCSP Conference New Approaches to Civil-Military ...

... Ms. Barbara Stapleton , Advocacy & Policy Coordinator, ACBAR Mr. Matthew Sayer , Team Leader for Afghanistan, European Commission Directorate-General for Humanitarian Aid Mr. Raj Rana ...
gcsp.ch 02.02.10  +  

Ungültige URL: Events

Philippe Droz-Vincent (Institut d’Etudes Politiques, Paris), Geraldine Chatelard (Institut Français du Proche-Orient, Amman), Nasir Al-Samaray (Independent Political Analyst ...
graduateinstitute.ch 02.02.10  +  

Ungültige URL: RUIG-GIAN - The United Nations…

Mr Raj Rana, Principal Member, Geneva Center for Security Policy (GCSP).
ruig-gian.org 02.02.10  +  

RANA, Genève

Service consultant aux organisations internationales via le site Internet WWW.THEWOLFGROUP.ORG ... RANA, à Genève, CH-660-1665006-6, service consultant aux ...
easymonitoring.ch 02.02.10  +  

Promouvoir le droit humanitaire auprès des porteurs d'armes

Revue internationale de la Croix-RougeRaj Rana Inclut PDF. Article de presse. 23-12-2008. Pour le meilleur et pour le pire : Les relations du Mouvement avec ...
cicr.ch 02.02.10  +  

Conference Summary

An overview on the mapping exercise's methodology and findings was provided by Mr. Andre as Schuetz and Mr. Raj Rana . It was decided early on to model the mapping exercise along the ...
gcsp.ch 02.02.10  +  

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