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Geburtsname: Leinhos, Land: Deutschland, E-Mail: spasch004 (at) gmail.com, Sprache: Deutsch
Ich biete: Retiring in 2019 and feeling far too young to get tired: I would be happy to offer my wide-ranging & diverse experiences & competencies (see detailed CV, Work Certificate & Assessment) as a kind of Senior Advisor wherever they are valued (paid or honorary): Vocational teaching, teachers teaching, coaching of teams & individuals, conflict solving, moderating, mediating, communication training, project management. Professional profile: ▪ Academic education in biology, psychology, linguistics and pedagogy ▪ Dr rer nat (PhD) in biophysics / neurophysiology ▪ Professional experience in biotechnology and as head of unit in a federal state school ministry for natural sciences ▪ Teacher at a technical vocational college for applied informatics, project management and communication ▪ Temporarily honorary university lecturer for Analytical Philosophy of Biology and Psychology and for School Pedagogy
Ulrich Leinhos-Heinke @ BBS1 Mainz / Uni Mainz, Mainz

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Ulrich Leinhos-Heinke @ Mainz
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Ulrich Leinhos-Heinke

Dr. / Oberstudienrat BBS / Mainz, Germany
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Ulrich Leinhos-Heinke @ Mainz

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