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Wolfgang Gentzsch @ DEISA Projekt und Open Grid Forum, Neutraubling

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Wolfgang Gentzsch - Wolfgang Gentzsch @ DEISA Projekt ...
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Wolfgang Gentzsch @ Neutraubling
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Wolfgang Gentzsch @ Neutraubling
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Wolfgang Gentzsch - Dr. Wolfgang Gentzsch
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Wolfgang Gentzsch - Wolfgang Gentzsch
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Sidebar: Wolfgang Gentzsch - Computerworld

Sun, Aug 17 2008 8:36 PM on Aggregated News Alerts Sidebar: Wolfgang Gentzsch. Computerworld, MA - 10 hours ago. Background: Previously se ...
news.google.com 11.12.08  +  

Grid: Das Internet der Zukunft?

19.11.2008 20:21 - on Goethe-Institut - Bibliotheken Wie das geht, erklärt Dr. Heike Neuroth, die in der Niedersächsischen Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek ...
goethe.de 11.12.08  +  

Grids are Dead! Or are they?

03.07.2008 - Wolfgang Gentzsch writes in GRIDtoday article: “So, here’s the problem, built in: many of our grids (architecture, technology) are simply so complex that it is almost impossible to adjust them
technorati.com 11.12.08  +  

[Dbworld] Invitation to attend ICDCIT 2008

11.11.2008 - From: “Sanjeev Aggarwal” Dear Colleagues This year International ... ============================================= ================ Sanjeev K Aggarwal, Dean, Resource Planning and Generation Professor, Department of Computer ...
technorati.com 11.12.08  +  

An introduction to Cloud Computing

17.07.2008 - Cloud computing is nothing but utilizing supercomputer power to perform complicated tasks over the ... of business flexibility by enhancing their home capacity whenever needed, on demand,” writes Wolfgang Gentzsch in GridToday.
technorati.com 11.12.08  +  

eSS’08 conference 1st Keynote by Wolfgang Gentzsch -note-

20.06.2008 - Starting the conference programme with the first Keynote, Professor Wolfgang Gentzsch (DEISA, Duke, and RENCI) - very entertaining and thought-provoking - challenged the ‘Challenges in Building
technorati.com 11.12.08  +  

blaming internet for jihad, bombings & resistance

2005-07-13 by mparent7777  "the old way of making war does not work anymore," said wolfgang gentzsch, managing director for grid computing at mcnc, a computer research firm in research triangle park, nc [end quote] - url.: http://tinyurl.com/dac45 ...
mparent7777.livejournal.com 11.12.08  +  

grids are dead! or are they?

2008-06-16 by Guy Tel-Zur  grids are dead! or are they? by wolfgang gentzsch, deisa; duke university. published in gridtoday, june 16, 2008. see also one of my previous posts: "the end of grid computing?" from october 2007.
telzur.blogspot.com 11.12.08  +  

Building Community Grids By Wolfgang Gentzsch DG...

2007-03-07 by Panda  Building Community Grids. By Wolfgang Gentzsch. D-Grid and RENCI. Many of the early regional, national, and community Grid initiatives were built around the open Globus Toolkit. These were mainly the result of the growing world-wide ...
wwjenglish.blogspot.com 11.12.08  +  

FW: e-Science 2006 conference, Amsterdam - CFP

22. Mai 2006 Wolfgang Gentzsch, D-Grid Germany and RENCI, USA Bob Hertzberger, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands Tony Hey, Microsof ...
youngktw1970.spaces.live.com 11.12.08  +  

Ungültige URL: [Dbworld] CfP: International Grid Interoperability and ...

15. Juli 2008 admin  Wolfgang Gentzsch (DEISA2)* # Markus Schulz (CERN, Switzerland) # Daniel Mallmann( Forschungszentrum ...
dbworld.dnsalias.net 11.12.08  +  

grid economics and business models

2006-10-16 by Greg Nawrocki  however, i'll point out that the special issue co-editor is wolfgang gentzsch. while dr. gentzsch carries with him impressive academic credentials to be sure, he also has a wealth of enterprise experience, notably with sun microsystems, ...
weblog.infoworld.com 11.12.08  +  

Ungültige URL: Grid Initiatives Part 1 - Lessons Learned and Recommendations

23. März 2007 GridToday  Wolfgang Gentzsch is heading the German D-Grid Initiative. He is an adjunct professor at ...
gridtoday.blogspot.com 11.12.08  +  

Grid Computing - Cloud Computing - The difference is academic.

16. Juni 2008 Trevor Doerksen  A Grid Today special feature story by Wolfgang Gentzsch captures the differences betwee ...
blog.cybera.ca 11.12.08  +  

grid computing continues to be the way forward

2008-01-23 by martin  wolfgang gentzsch, coordinator of the german d-grid initiative; geoffrey fox and marlon pierce, from the community grids laboratory at indiana university; and ian foster from argonne national lab and the university of chicago, ...
bladewatch.com 11.12.08  +  

Sun ponders grid computing come storage future | InfoWorld | News ...

21. März 2007 umir  vice president of data service platforms, and Wolfgang Gentzsch , director of grid com ...
zabae.com 11.12.08  +  

Ungültige URL: Emergence Tech Limited » Blog Archive » Great reflections on ...

2008-06-20 by Matti  A thought-provoking (or rather, several thoughts provoking) article from GridToday about the Grids and Clouds by Wolfgang Gentzsch. Some of the reactions I had while reading: The 'Trough of Disillusionment': I would assume that at least ...
emergence-tech.co.uk 11.12.08  +  

6th International Workshop on Middleware for Grid Computing (MGC2008)

20. Juni 2008 Edu  Hai Jin - HUST, CN Fabio Kon - USP, BR Tevfik Kosar - LSU, US Laurent Lefevre - ENS-Lyo ...
argollo.com 11.12.08  +  

registration for the 4th international conference on e-social ...

2008-05-01 by wiseguy  professor wolfgang gentzsch, deisa, duke, and renci * dr. fran berman, director, san diego supercomputer center, professor and hpc endowed chair, uc san diego * professor craig calhoun, president, social science research council, ...
internetmarketingandmessages.blogspot.com 11.12.08  +  

Grid-Technologie : XPlus-Web – SEO in Bonn

2007-09-12 Weider Uwe R.  Industriepartner: Bilfinger Berger AG; BAM Deutschland AG; IDS Scheer AG; RIB Information Technologies AG; Seib ITC GmbH; TransMIT Gesellschaft für Technologietransfer mbH. BIS-Grid: Einsatz von Grid-Technologien im Bereich ...
xplus-web.de 11.12.08  +  

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